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It's Been Awhileee

Hey y'all! I know its been awhile since we've done a blog post buttttt ya know life!

haha I knew you would understand!


It's been such an interesting year since our last post. It's been filled with alot of personal shifting. May the flowers remind us why the rain is necessary, ya meannnnn!

Well darling as you my have noticed I have been making a BUNCH of changes around these parts.


I have many business ventures ( passive income baby :)) and MamasBeautySecrets is the username I came up with when I started my makeup & skincare shop & has morphed into my sort of Main Hub so to speak for pretty much all things I, TreeSeaMama, want to share with the world because to me Beauty is what makes your soul happy and on fire.

Beauty is not just limited to physical appearance and products.

A huge key factor of what "beauty" is, really comes down to mindset for me. Yes, using clean products and having a community of people supporting you will absolutely contribute to you feeling beautiful from the inside and products can and will help support a healthy clean physical appearance.

Anything that's helping me Glow & Grow, people can find it through MamasBeautySecrets. That includes TreeSea's Treasures.

The website will be hosting MamasBeautySecrets as well as Papa Bear Repairs Merch.

I truly appreciate and love you all for your love and support in all my ventures.

I'm TreeSeaMama and These are my Beauty Secrets &Treasures.

Ya know ? 🥰 It means alot to share to them with you all.


As you can tell I am expanding what is being offered in The Shop. It is not just limited to handmade fine jewelry anymore. It will offer items such as notepads, journals, clothes, things I use in my day to day that help me Glow & Grow. Maybe they will help you get through your days as well.

The Shop will also be home to MamasBeautySecrets Merch and Papa Bear Repairs Merch.

The hubby is always wrenching away on something,fixing it up. You know the old saying, "Put it on a shirt" so I did. 💙


So just checking in with you all and keeping ya up to date on the little changes taking place in the media sphere

Take safe y'all!

Until next post!

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